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STIFTUNG WARENTEST has put us to the proof
STIFTUNG WARENTEST awards Ophthalmic Clinic and Lasik Centre at Gendarmenmarkt with best ratings

Every year in Germany roughly 80.000 people suffering from near- or long-sightedness undergo surgery in order to have their defective vision treated by laser surgery. Many eye specialists and lasik centres perform such procedures. The decision for having surgery on the mostly healthy eye - in order to live a life without glasses - does not come easily though. The more important it is to get profound advise in advance and to exclude possible risks during thorough pre-examinations. Yet how do I evaluate the quality of a lasik centre? What points are to consider?

In the August 2006 edition of the STIFTUNG WARENTEST consumer magazine (leading German consumer safety group) Berlin and trans-regional eye laser centres have been tested for the quality of counselling leading to eye laser surgery. Put to the test were the patient's anamnesis and the thorough pre-examinations, the advise on the surgical methods and the individual aptitude as well as the explanation of risks and consequences of a correction of defective vision.

This is the verdict of consumer magazine STIFTUNG WARENTEST edition 08/2006.

Anamnesis                                             very extensive
Examinations                                       extensive
Counselling and explanation     extensive
General information                      extensive

The ratings do only concern the quality of counselling and examination services before laser surgery not surgery itself.

The whole news article can be looked up in the August edition of STIFTUNG WARENTEST (08/2006).

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