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The Ophthalmic Clinic at Gendarmenmarkt sponsored the spinnaker for the 20 yawl cruiser.  

Florian Stock
Florian Stock was third at the German Sailing Championships H-yawl in 2000, winner of the blue ribbon at Langen See in 2007 and has achieved further successes he may account for.

My experience with Lasik surgery
When I decided for Lasik surgery at the eye clinic at Gendarmenmarkt in autumn of 2004, I did not have the faintest idea of how much this procedure would mean to my life. But let's take one thing at a time...

Since my early childhood I have been a wearer of glasses and I had to deal with severe long-sightedness. Whether at school at physical education or in my spare time, the glasses were always my constant companion with all of their well-known disadvantages.

With the onset of my professional career in craftsmanship those disadvantages came into effect even stronger. What's more, there were always trouble when pursuing my recreational activities such as skiing and sailing. In the mid-1990s at this sport I got to know the eye specialist Baron von Wolff who explained to me the option of Lasik-surgery. A life without glasses - is this possible?

At first of course I was a little sceptical, but subsequently to thorough examinations and a final discussion, I was certain about my decision to undergo Lasik-surgery.

The procedure did not even take 20 minutes and after barely one week I was available for sailing again.

The first benefits emerged at my work place. No fogged glasses or dust on them. No pressure on the nose and there was no need going to the optician because of a loose screw any more. At sailing and skiing the advantage without glasses was overwhelming. No limitations regardless of any wind or weather, whether in the mountains or at sea when sailing regattas - an unobstructed view was available in all weathers.

The most beautiful experience was the morning after the surgery. One woke up, saw everything and the grab for the glasses stayed out. Only one day later one did not even think any longer of one's "biggest help" of the 30 years before. My glasses are now somewhere in a developing country as a donation and there it shall stay for ever.
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