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Side effects
Rare side effects and prevention. As with every surgical method in rare cases complications may arise. This also applies to LASIK.

Most of the possible side effects are faced beforehand.

  • Prior to the procedure a thorough examination takes place in order to recognise heightened risk as a result to e.g. pre-existing conditions. If necessary preoperative care has to take place or another surgical method has to be exercised.
  • The corneal slice is marked prior to surgery so it subsequently may be placed in the very same position it was before.
  • Several days after surgery you will be given antibiotic eye drops to avoid infections.
  • Basic requirement is that you strictly follow your doctor's instructions and diligently make use of both medication and eye drops.

Other undesirable effects are defeasible by follow-up treatment:

  • Due to individual deviations in tissue consistency and healing processes hyper- or sub- correction can arise after surgery which may be eliminated during post-correction a few months afterwards.
  • After surgery it might happen that cells from the epithelium find their way between the corneal slice and corneal stroma. If so, the corneal slice is lifted once more and those cells are removed.
  • Should irregularities arise during incising the corneal slice we abort the treatment and start over again three months afterwards
  • The risk of going blind is extremely low.

Further side effects disappear either by themselves or can be successfully treated by medication:

  • The temporary decrease in sensitivity of the cornea results in lower tear production. For the concomitant foreign body sensation you will receive a tear substitute.
  • The very day of the surgery increased lacrimation and redness are possible. Those are normal and take only few days to disappear on their own.
  • Also you may temporarily experience increased glare sensitivity, the perception of circular reflections around light sources or raised intra-ocular pressure.
  • If you - against all odds - should experience severe pain or a sudden decline in vision please call our standby duty at all times!
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