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Ophthalmic Clinic and Lasik Centre surgeons on the Focus' list of physicians

After six months of research the FOCUS' editorial department evaluated the top physicians in the medical fields of heart/vessels, eyes, orthopaedics, teeth, cancer and pregnancy. The results are based on over 27.800 recommendations by physicians and patients using online questionnaires that had been developed by prestigious physicians of academic associations supported by comprehensive interviews with eye specialists on their professional estimation of their colleagues.

The magazine "Focus" added our surgeons to its list of physicians 2010 as well. During the course of this, according to the magazine, toughest medic-check of Germany, round about 7.700 eye specialists had been addressed and were asked for particulars. Furthermore patients' as well as self-help-union's assessments were part of the evaluation process. Among the 100 specialists in the field of refractive surgery, cataract, glaucoma as well as retinal diseases, Prof. MD Norbert Anders, Dr. Holger Bull and Kurt-Dietrich Baron von Wolff can be found.

Our best Doctors- The big advice booklet for patients

In the edition No. 08/2011 SUPERillu introduces 222 physicians who are absolute specialists in their respective fields of work. The SUPER-Illu-Docotors-List provides overviews of the top-medics in the eastern part of Germany, where over the last 20 years a most sophisticated health centre has developed which in some cases already surpasses the facilities in the western states of Germany.
Among the best physicians and top experts are our surgeons Prof. MD Norbert Anders, Dr. Holger Bull and Kurt-Dietrich Baron von Wolff.

Lasik abroad

Reports become more frequent: Complications after LASIK abroad
The daily paper "DIE WELT" reports, presently there are about 5.000 federal citizens travelling abroad for LASIK-surgery every year. The lower costs of surgery have been stated to be the major reason. An increasing number of patients has to count the cost for that initial bargain: according to the reports of German eye specialists, who perform follow-up treatments, the rate of complications abroad is about ten times higher. Those are for example wrinkle formation on the cornea, glare effects and over- or undercorrection in consequence of false measurements prior to the procedure. The vast majority of complications could have been prevented by diligent consultation and pre-examination as well as by strict compliance with the indication.
Indeed, at first view, costs abroad appear compelling: 1.000 to 1.500 Euro for LASIK-surgery on both of the eyes, including flight, travel assistance and accommodation in a double room. In many cases the surgeons are experienced and utilise modern devices. Problems, however, are mostly of a different kind. Can the patient be sure to properly understand the examining physician, resp. is the doctor able to answer all questions sufficiently? How does the patient convey his or her expectations? What about the clarification and suitability? Are alternatives offered, in cases of borderline defective vision? What about the pee pressure opposed by the tour group? Once arrived, one really does not want to depart again without lasered eyes.
By way of comparison: Many laser centres in Germany offer non-binding information evenings, at which procedures are thoroughly described and questions are answered. With responsible surgeons the time period between pre-examination and actual surgery can be at least one or even two weeks, giving the patient enough time to ponder, after counselling. This shows very plainly that: the communication with the patient is just a relevant instrument to a good refractive surgeon as the laser itself and the sterile surgery.
Not least: While, due to regulatory supervision, no German provider can afford to give false particulars on devices, numbers of surgeries and the results of surgeries, abroad those factors are almost impossible to review for patients.

November 16, 2005 - ZDF.reporter:
Cheap-Medicine abroad: Eye-Laser-Surgery in Istanbul - Saved on the wrong things
August 2, 2005 - DIE WELT:
Eye specialists caution against laser surgery abroad
April 26, 2004 - Bayerischer Rundfunk:
Consultation hour - Eye laser surgery in the Czech Republic and Germany. Medical Tourism to Eastern Europe

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