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Our Lasik Centre
The Lasik Centre at Gendarmenmakrt is a modern, highly specialised institution for the surgical correction of defective vision (near-sightedness up to -10 dpt., long-sightedness up to +4 dpt. as well as astigmatism).

This very safe and academically acknowledged procedure has been already routinely employed by our surgeons for several years.

Moreover do our experienced surgeons master the wide range of surgical correction of defective vision (corneal and lens surgical procedures) with the result that even severe defective vision can be treated.

Which specific procedure comes in to question in your individual case can only be cleared in a personal talk after thorough examination.

The new quality of living after the refractive surgical procedure

Not being dependent on visual aids as glasses or contact lenses is a desire of millions of people suffering from defective vision. Glasses pinch, shift, they fog or get wet in the rain and become almost opaque - contact lenses can cause irritations and pain if foreign bodies such as dust grains find their way into the eye. While doing sports those aids are often hindering and constricting; contact-lens-intolerance are very common.

Many dream of the chance of being able to abandoning this onerousness one day again. However, the dream of waking up one morning and to see one's surroundings clearly again for a long period of time seemed to be unachievable.

By modern laser technology and its high-precision, micro-fine opportunities of correction this dream eventually has become reality. During the LASIK procedure an exactly calculated amount of tissue is removed from the inside of the cornea without harming the sensitive surface. The procedure is completely painless and there is no scar formation in the centre of the optical axis. Defective vision of the eye is corrected by this surgical procedure - painless and usually without side effects.

Success proves medicine right: Far more than 3 million people all over the world have already undergone LASIK surgery and since then can - to a great extent - do without glasses or contact lenses.

By the means of the most modern diagnostic devices and laser technology which the Lasik Centre at Gendarmenmarkt has to offer it is even possible to improve especially both night and twilight vision by LASIK surgery.

Modern laser technology makes a dream come true!
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