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Frequently asked questions

Am I suited for LASIK treatment?

Whether you come into consideration for LASIK-surgery is determined during a thorough pre-examination. Conditions:

  • - Near-sightedness up to -10 dioptres
  • - Long-sightedness up to +4 dioptres
  • - Astigmatism up to 5 dioptres

Are there reasons against undergoing LASIK-surgery?

There are some reasons arguing against LASIK-surgery. Adolescents under the age of 18 as well as adults whose eye values kept changing during the year before do not qualify. Patients suffering from diabetes or rheumatic diseases should not undergo surgery. Pregnant women are highly recommended to wait until after the nursing period. In case of existing eye diseases those might argue against treatment as well.

May one wear contact lenses prior to the LASIK?

Prior to a LASIK it is unconditionally necessary to take a contact-lens-break (at least 1 week for soft contact lenses and at least 2 weeks for hard contact lenses) so your cornea can regain its original shape. In order to ensure this patients wearing contact lenses need to consistently pass on wearing them and have to recourse to their glasses.

What risks are to be expected?

The rate of complications undergoing LASIK surgery is at under 1% therefore there are usually no risks to be reckon with. Among the rare risks is e.g. a wound infection (probability 1:6000) as it can occur following any surgery. The high degree of safety - which is guaranteed by optimally adapted technical equipment and its precise surgical employment - led to the LASIK becoming an extreme safe procedure.

For how long will I be out of action after surgery?

For the LASIK is only a minimal-invasive procedure that only requires outpatient treatment you will recover swiftly. Treat yourself to a few days rest - as needed - during which you should go easy on physically demanding activities. Many LASIK patients yet are able to pursue their line of work without any problems within one or two days.

Will I be in need of glasses or contact lenses after the LASIK?

The LASIK surgery is supposed to release you from vision aids such as glasses or contact lenses. More than 90% of patients reach this goal at first attempt. In some few cases this is obtained after the second treatment. Usually you can do without glasses or contact lenses after having undergone LASIK surgery.

What about reading glasses after LASIK surgery?

Normal-sighted (emmetropia) people need reading glasses in old age as their eye lens loses elasticity and by that the ability to focus sharply in close range. As the LASIK patient becomes a normal-sighted person he/she hast to reckon with this natural development.

Are there long-term experiences with LASIK?

The first steps in LASIK-like procedures were already made more than 40 years ago. Since then one has learnt a lot about the method and its reliable results. In Germany the LASIK has been successfully utilised for more than 13 years so that sufficient long-term experiences exist.

How much is a LASIK-surgery?

LASIK surgery - as customary in Germany - is billed according to the official fixed scale of charges for physicians (see treatment costs). What this means in your individual case please inquire during our counselling interview.

Does health insurance cover the procedure?

LASIK is not part of the benefits catalogue as it has been agreed upon by the federal board of doctors and health insurances. For this reason statutory health insurance dos not cover the expenses. Private medical insurances subsidise in individual cases. Subsidies differ and have to be made clear with the tax adviser responsible.

Does LASIK surgery hurt?

No. LASIK is a painless procedure.

Does one receive anaesthesia?

No. The LASIK does not make any anaesthesia (injection) necessary. Merely your eye is benumbed using some few anaesthetic drops. Apart from that you receive a light pain killer.

How long does the LASIK-surgery take?

The LASIK-surgery itself takes only a few minutes. As you will be examined before and again afterwards you should schedule about an hour and a half for your visit.

Should I bring an accompanying person?

It is advisable for someone to accompany you for your surgery appointment. After surgery you feel a little weak and might appreciate some help. On the day after surgery you may appear for the follow-up on your own without worrying.

Does one have to get both eyes done simultaneously?

No. Whether to treat one eye a day on two different dates or treating both eyes at once depends on your request. Both are equally safe and reliable.

Is there the opportunity of revision surgery?

Revision surgery with LASIK can be done without any problems. This second procedure is taken under consideration in case - contrary to expectations - slightly defective vision remains after the initial surgery. This however is very rare and may be rectified.

How soon after surgery will I be able to see well again?

Only few hours after surgery your sense of vision will have significantly improved already. The day after almost the full result will have arrived. Smaller improvement is going to follow during the weeks to come.

Do I have to pay attention to anything after surgery?

Yes. Please do not rub your eye(s) after surgery. Despite the corneal lamella adhering itself after only few minutes it takes about two weeks for it to finally grow back entirely. Until then you should avoid sports such as swimming, diving and strength training. For a couple of days after surgery please be mindful of not allowing water to get to your eyes when taking a shower or bath. Roughly two weeks after the procedure you will be able to do everything without limitations.

Is there some kind of post-surgical treatment?

Nach der Operation erhalten Sie antibiotische Augentropfen After surgery you receive antibiotic eye drops and tear substitutes in order to prevent possible infection. Those you have to take for one week. Your eye will be thoroughly examined during the follow-up examination. For the LASIK to be successful it is inevitable for you to keep those vital appointments.

Are there any documents that need to be changed after LASIK surgery?

Need to? No, but after a LASIK surgery you may have your driving licence provided with an entry approving that you will not need any vision aids for driving a car any longer.

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