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Femto Lasik
This short film provides you with introductory information on this innovative surgical procedure which facilitates a life without glasses or contact lenses.
The development from micro keratome to Femto laser has the goal to make the cornea incision even more safe when performing LASIK surgery.

Previous Femto laser (15 - 60 kHz) yet do not bring about the quality of incision as the so far utilised precision knives.

The Swiss company Ziemer managed - by increasing the laser frequency to over 1.000 kHz - not only to reach the quality of mechanical knives but to outperform those with the Davinci-Femto-Laser.

Reason enough for the Ophthalmic Clinic and Lasik Centre at Gendarmenmarkt to entirely switch to this technology therefore increasing safety, quality and predictability of refractive results.

Therewith it is the first German clinic to provide Femto-LASIK as standard procedure.

Femto-LASIK is the latest method of surgically correcting defective vision. For the first time it is now possible to conduct a LASIK treatment without the use of mechanical blades (micro keratome). Thereby - besides the Excimer-laser which conducts the actual correction on the cornea - an additional Femto-Seconds-Laser is employed. This generates the flap solely by laser beam.

The Femto-Lasik surgery today is the most sophisticated method in refractive surgery. The Femto-LASIK is an extremely precise and safe treatment.

Advantages of the Femto-LASIK

Femto-LASIK is preciser. Using the Femto-Seconds-Laser homogeneous, evenly thick corneal lamellae with an exactly reproducibly diameter are created. In practice it looks like this: With micro keratomes variations in lamella thickness at about 50 µm are the rule. - Whereas the laser incision with the Femto-Seconds-Laser creates a completely homogeneous lamella with variations of merely 5 µm. Subsequent to the laser incision the cornea lamella is folded back and the cornea is re-abraded with an Excimer-laser in order to correct the defective vision (just as during LASIK).

Due to the more precisely cut flap the post-surgical result of the LASIK is better to calculate. - The correction of defective vision is even more precise than with conventional LASIK.
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