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All-Laser Lasik

Ophthalmic Clinic at Gendarmenmarkt
completely shifts to Femto-Lasik

The development from micro keratome to Femto laser has the goal to make the cornea incision even more safe when performing LASIK surgery. Previous Femto laser (15 - 60 kHz) yet do not bring about the quality of incision as the so far utilised precision knives. The Swiss company Ziemer managed - by increasing the laser frequency to over 1.000 kHz - not only to reach the quality of mechanical knives but to outperform those with the Davinci-Femto-Laser. Reason enough for the Ophthalmic Clinic and Lasik Centre at Gendarmenmarkt to entirely switch to this technology therefore increasing safety, quality and predictability of refractive results. Therewith it is the first German clinic to provide Femto-LASIK as standard procedure.
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