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Cataract surgery
Cataract and the consequences / Cataract surgery - As yet over 80.000 cataract surgeries have been performed by surgeons of the Ophthalmic Clinic at Gendarmenmarkt.

The healthy eye lens and cornea serve focusing the incident beams of light onto the retina. The optic nerves send up the visual impressions to the visual centre in the brain. In cases of cataract the natural lens is impaired and the visual impression that reaches the retina gets weaker and weaker. The patient sees an impaired image.

As a rule cataract is an age-related disease that goes along with a slow decrease in sense of vision but can also be inherent or induced by other illnesses or certain medication.

The only effective treatment of cataract is to surgically remove the impaired natural lens and its replacement with an artificial lens. By this the visual faculty can be re-established - as long as no other diseases contradict.

An acute harm of going blind is given only in very far progressed stages of cataract where intraocular pressure is raised and thereby can lead to a loss of sight. The point in time, when to undergo cataract surgery, you should discuss with your eye specialist.

Process of surgery

Before the surgery you are thoroughly examined once again.

Usually cataract surgery is conducted under local anaesthesia. In special cases - or on request - the procedure may be undergone under general anaesthetic as well.

During the procedure you are awake and feel no pain. The head is covered with an abacterial non-woven fabric that allows for you to breathe freely. You contribute to optimal surgical results if you rest calmly and at ease on the operating table not reaching near your head and by following your surgeon's instructions.

The impaired lens is reduced to pieces and liquefied - making a small incision on the bridge between the transparent cornea and the white sclera using ultrasonics - and is aspirated with a small cannula. Afterwards the synthetic lens is placed inside the old lens' capsule. Through the small incision a folded lens is inserted which then gradually unfolds.

In 99% of the cases - due to a special incision - a suture is not even necessary.
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